Doing Couple Portraits Even If You Have Kids

Parents are the foundation of every family. During that busy lifestyle, when you have kids, you and your partner may miss those beautiful moments and wish to reminisce.

Even if you have kids, doing couple portraits photography is extremely valuable. It's a great way to show your love and priority towards your partner. And your kids get a strong relationship vibe from your photos. 

Let's immortalize your relationship by remembering your togetherness, love, and happiness for each other.

Photograph of a couple by Isabelle Guillen, Portrait Photographer in Dallas Metroplex

What is Couple Portraits Photography?

Couple portraits are a treasure that reminds every special moment of your relationship, togetherness, becoming parents, and feelings. In general, it's a perfect way to enjoy and relive every moment.

For this reason, it is said that couple photography is a way of telling a love story. Celebrating your day-to-day togetherness. Or celebrating a special milestone in your relationship: It might be your engagement, your fifth anniversary, becoming empty nester, thinking about proposing again after getting married or just beginning your married life.

And there is no age boundary and time to strengthen your relationship with your partner. With couple photography, you can easily frame those lifetime memories.

Why Doing a Couple Portraits Important When You Have Kids?

Photography is the art of making memories tangible.
Destin Sparks.

Yes, meaningful photographs have the power to express every emotion and uniqueness without using any words.

Suppose you and your partner love to explore new places. You can't reminisce vividly the memorable days, emotions, and beauties without photos.

Are you eager to know: why shoot couple portraits when you have kids? Let's look at some key perks below:

To Celebrate a Unique Relationship

Before and after parenting, a couple goes with different emotion, memories, and breathtaking moments. Every moment is precious because it gifts you a unique relationship that strengthen your togetherness.

You must miss those moments when you and your partner take vows together. Time flies as per its rule. As time progresses, it is easy to get consumed by your busy schedule and forget about yourself.

But with a couple's photo session, you can rewind the clock to a time when you and your partner used to go out their way to be together.

So, why not enjoy every moment and live every second with your partner? There are no bindings to express love.

Remember, Couples are Lovers, not only Mom and Dad

In your go-go lifestyle, you rarely get time to spend deep soul time with your partner because parenting is a big responsibility where most of the time goes. But with a couple portrait session, you can celebrate, reunite, and connect with your lover.

You must miss those fun times and loving moments with your soulmate. Most couples limit their lifestyle after having kids by recognizing they are becoming mom and dad. But in the core of their hearts, they are lovers who build their sweet homes with lovely memories.

And couple portraits give you the best opportunity to feel the strength of your relationship with your partner.

To Celebrate your Love Story

Photographs are the best thing to portray stories in a much more special and unique way than anything else; they can freeze the moment in a photographic beauty. For this reason, there is no better way to celebrate your love than displaying your togetherness and memorable moments.

You can represent your love story outing to your favorite places, birthdays, anniversaries, or every day little moments. The main objective is to find each other bonding and retell your tale of love.

Also, you can recall your first meeting, happy occasion, and unique significance to you both. The looks, smile on your face, holding each other, and looking lovingly at each other will tell the main story and create a unique one.

To be Reminded to Appreciate every day the Gift of Love

A couple's photoshoot is a great way to celebrate love, have fun, and enjoy every moment. Also, it gives a couple an enjoyable time that allows them to look back on and cherish it forever.

Do you want to feel those lovely moments and remind yourself to appreciate that every day is a blessing with your partner? With portraits which are all about you, you can recreate memories to cherish and inspire your kids.

Also, you can preserve and remember her smile, his attitude, and strong bonding just the way it was. And for this, you don't need to wait for special occasions, anniversaries, or other festivals.

You are Looking for a Way to Reconnect and Reignite the Flame

In life, you hold many titles like mom, dad, brother, sister, and goes on. But in the heart, you are your partner's precious one, and making time together gives you enormous joy.

Want to reconnect and reignite the flame of togetherness? Couple photography gives you the same opportunity because couple shoots give you the freedom to live the moment with your partner.

When you look at each other, eyes create a purest and rawest form: photography gifts you a rear, zone out, and lovely company with each other.

Your Partner Means Everything to You

Precious and happy moments like engagements, getting pregnant, gifting your loved one, and many others won't last forever—every turning point of your life gifts your unique stories where your partner means everything to you.

But those fantastic experiences with your partner have no evidence to show or remember. Do you want to gift your loved one a unique and precious memory?

Photos can frame your every expression, emotion, and feelings over decades. And for this, couple portraiture is the best option. You must know that quality time together develops your relationship and draws you closer.

You are not Getting any Younger

Remember the first day of your meeting or the day of being together. Isn't time fly just a blink of an eye? Day after day, you become lover, wife, husband, mom, dad, grandfather, and grandmother.

Time gifts you lots of identity and responsibilities. But in the end, you miss your partner's first kiss, proposal, engagement, and wedding rituals. The daily cup of coffee prepared with love before work, the tender note on the pillow… Yes, those memories cherish and remind you that you should explore more.

Want to take the opportunity to enjoy and appreciate the time with your soulmate? Professional couple photography sessions gift you to spend more just with one another.

Have a Fun Time with your Soulmate

Photography sessions are full of laughter, excitement, and fun. Here the aim is to capture feelings to be showcased and relieved each time your eyes will be on your portraits.

Also, you can pick any locations that you both of you enjoy, new or known forever. Give yourself the permission of goofy time with your partner and best friend.

No need for a special occasion. Simply do it to feel the moment and cherish your bonding. From start to finish, as you focus on your partner and have a fun time it will result in a collection of portraits that reflect your fun and lively personalities.

To Experience your Special Moments at your Unique Locations

Life moves faster, and lots of things are happening, and you won't be the single one who experiences them. But to avoid that noisy and busy lifestyle, you might wish to revisit those unique locations with your partner and create a visual diary of your life together.

Couple photography is all about storing those unforgettable moments and restoring them. Memories need words to cherish, whereas photos give memories talks.

It's about capturing time by forgetting surroundings and enjoying the weekend together. Every day is a new beginning and gifts you the opportunity to express your love to your soulmate.

Look Back for Years to Come

Do you ever remember those photos where your mom and dad are enjoying their dancing at a birthday party? Won't the scenario remind you of pure, natural, and lovely moments between them?

Years come and go, but the memories stay forever. So, capture the way you interact together, with natural smiles on your faces, and spread the love in the air. Also, you can feel your partner's breath on your skin, the happiness and joy of the first kiss.

By capturing your couple, you can gift your future generations a piece of inspiration, your love story, and moments. Also, you'll remember that season and how it feels to be together. And this is what makes a perfect photo session between you and your partner.

Final Words

The couple's portraiture is not about capturing facts on a timeline. This photography takes you back to a fleeting moment, the feeling of contentment and warmth of togetherness that portrays two people in love, you and your partner.

In Love Forever, this is the reason why we call them the Forever Portrait Session.

So, why are you waiting?

Ready for the engagement, or already having kids or grandkids…, doing a portrait session with only the two of you will be a fun escape together and it may re-kindle your journey and help you rediscover each other.

It's time to build and nurture moments of love, connections, and the goodness of relationships.