We Help You Preserve the Memory of Your Family Story in Family Portraits

  • Do you ever wonder how you can preserve the memories that are precious to you?
  • Will you always remember her smile, his attitude, and their unique bond just the way it is now?
  • How can you preserve memories of the way that you are now as a family, the connections we have?

We Create Art Where You and Your Loved Ones Are Center Stage

  • Your portraits will gently unveil your uniqueness and beauty, reveal a subtle emotion, a smile or an attitude.
  • They will capture a precious moment, or the love, closeness and relationship of your loved ones.
  • They will have the “supplément d’âme,” the sparkle that gives a portrait a life of its own.

4 Portrait Styles to Tell Your Family Story – Your Choice

You have the choice between four styles to preserve your memories for years to come: 'French Chic', ‘Noir et Blanc’ (Black and white), ‘Classic Cachet’ (appeal) and ‘Scenic’.

Your Portraits are Skillfully Crafted and Hand-finished

  • Your portraits are skillfully crafted and meticulously hand finished for uncompromising quality.
  • For a further step in artistry, your images may be transformed into stunning painted artwork, using the painter’s palette. The result is a mix-media piece of art with the realism of a photograph and the style & feel of a free-hand painting.
  • Meticulously embellished with contour brush strokes and oil enhancements, the result will delight your eyes.

Portraits You are Proud to Display and Pass on as a Heritage of Love

  • Born and raised in France, Isabelle bring the French elegance appreciated worldwide.
  • Properly designed to fit with your unique home decor, your portraits will give your interior elegance and preserve the likeness of your loved ones for years to come.
  • While your home decor may change over time, fine art portraits that capture the character of your loved ones have always a place in your home or your children’s home the day you will pass them on as a Heritage of Love.

We Care for People and are Committed to Creating Fine Portraits that Tell your Unique Story

You and your loved ones will be listened to and guided every step of the way until the pieces of art where your unique pieces have reached a place of honor in your home.

You are interested in, Schedule a complimentary consultation to experience the journey of creating together fine-art portraits that tell your unique story.