‘French Chic Portrait’ To Create Portraits of You or Your Family in a Unique Photographic Style

Do you want to be photographed like a star? Do you want to have a portrait of yourself like the ones you see in magazines like Vanity Fair?

Here at Isabelle Guillen Portraits, we want to give you this special star-studded experience. Thus, we have crafted our special style which we call 'French Chic'. When you participate in a portrait session in the French Chic style, you will be photographed in a modern way that still preserves the beautiful timelessness of a classic photograph. We hope that this laid-back and unique experience will increase your confidence and help you to learn a bit more about yourself.

Portrait of a woman in French Chic style by Isabelle Guillen, photographer artist.
The boldness of a French Chic Portrait.

French Chic is a unique photographic style. It is a bold blend of several ingredients designed to make you stand out. We deliberately chose the term “ingredients” because the French style is a recipe that was created from the investment of months of working with many models to test which lights and sets were most suitable. Each model is different, and we wanted to create unique photos that reflected each personality.

Isabelle was first inspired by the photographers Mark Seliger and Annie Leibowitz. Both photographers are well renowned for their photographs of famous celebrities, actors, and musicians.

On the other hand, if you look at the photos in the gallery below, you will find a few touches from Vanity Fair magazine. It is certainly one of the most prestigious fashion magazines in the world.

Finally, Isabelle called upon her French origins to add a touch of French elegance. It is this particular note that gave the name to the style. She chose to create a harmonious and graceful style that preserved simplicity.

Are you ready to be “The Star” for a short time during a portrait session? To have fun and shine in the spotlight? We highly recommend the French Chic style. A French Chic photograph represents a glamorous and empowered version of yourself or a loved one. It reveals a facet of your personality that you may not have seen before.

Are you looking for an occasion to visit the studio to have your photo portrait taken in the French Chic style with Isabelle? We recommend doing so for any special occasion, but most especially for a:

  • Wedding anniversary.
  • High School or College graduation
  • Golden birthday, or special decade birthday year.
  • Family milestone.
  • Simply because you deserve it.

Do you really need an excuse to offer yourself an unforgettable moment just for yourself or your loved ones?

Give yourself the luxury of being photographed like a star and reveal a bolder version of who you are.

A French Chic portrait creates a beautiful impact. The experience itself makes you feel more confident about yourself. Looking at your portrait will encourage you to be stronger and more at ease with your abilities both professionally and personally. You will be surprised to see how a portrait of you as the star can change your motivations and redefine your personal and professional goals. Isabelle has created this portrait style to show you that you are stronger, more confident, and more beautiful than you may think. There is only one you. Shouldn’t a photograph capture your unique personality and preserve it for yourself or even your loved ones?

Do not miss this opportunity to live a unique experience. The French Chic style may give you the energy to move forward in all your new projects. By seeing an elegant and esteemed portrait of yourself, you may feel more confident in working towards your future goals.

If you want Isabelle to create a portrait of the person who you really are; if you want to create a portrait that truly captures you in a unique, modern, and timeless style, then please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below. Together, we will schedule a photo session at the studio. We cannot wait to create a laid-back and enjoyable photo session experience with a professional photographer whose talent is well established.

Isabelle will show you that you are indeed a star, and that you deserve the best.

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