Why Don't You Dare to Make a Family Portrait in Your Backyard?

What a challenging 2020 spring season…

This year has had a lot of changes for life and families.

For most of us, it was such an experience to just get used to spend an extended number of hours confined at home working, studying, exercising, playing, enjoying the company of loved ones…

Backyard family portrait by Isabelle Guillen, Portrait Photographer in Dallas Metroplex

Nothing Matters More Than a Family

Times like these are a reminder of the things that really matter. We saw that nothing matters more than family and how it is priceless to have a place called HOME where we feel safe, loved and where we can express ourselves.

Finally, as the process to un-shelter has started:

  1. We slowly bring to the surface some projects set aside. Why not act on this family portrait session you postponed for so long?
  2. We start new projects. Why not initiate a family photography session as a brand-new project? Have you taken for granted your family togetherness…And as result, you may feel it is now the time to celebrate and have on display your special family bound which has even been reinforced this Spring 2020!

In both cases, you may wonder…How to make it happen in a safe way?

Why Not a Home Portrait? In the Front Yard? The Backyard?

One benefit that we have realized at the Studio during this last few weeks is that our business has always been set up as a naturally “socially distanced” style of business (but minus the hugs now…I’ll miss those!). We have always been set up as a low volume type of business because we like to focus on each client’s experience with us.

Are you reluctant to schedule a portrait session because you still prefer the security of your place? Why not a home portrait? In the front yard? The backyard? Celebrating your family and this special place you call HOME, which kept you safe during many weeks. So “Don’t leave home!”.

We love home portraits, created in your own personal space that means so much more to you than a park that you may go to a couple of times a year. Especially for children who grow up in this space, portraits that are made at home provide a tangible reminder of the childhood home that becomes so important later in life.

Are You Worried About Us Getting Too Close During the Session?

You are safe on that side. The camera and lenses we use require us to be at least 10 feet away and we truly are 15 to 20 feet away to create the scenic portraits we are well-known for.

Backyard family portrait by Isabelle Guillen, Portrait Photographer in Dallas Metroplex

Are You Concerned About Your Front or Back Yard Not Looking Good Enough?

You might be thinking of the fence that is sagging, the neighbor’s house shows through the bushes and the spots in your flower beds that desperately need weeding.

What we see are different tones of green and the lines in your landscape that draw your eyes in to the subjects of your portrait.

We know that with a little move on the side or/ down, we can eliminate the fence or your neighbor’s car. By placing one of your children in just the perfect spot, we can hide those weeds that are peeking out. And, there is always the magic of artwork to fill in landscape spots that might be revealing power lines.

Backyard family portrait by Isabelle Guillen, Portrait Photographer in Dallas Metroplex

What About Our Hot Texan Late Spring and Summer?

This is another beauty of a portrait session at home. Never far from an ice chest, a cold beverage to refresh. Never far from a powder room to adjust hair and make-up…and eventually change outfit.

There are all sorts of ways we to capture your family portrait this season together! While meeting the social distancing requirements and personal preferences of everyone.

We are looking forward to helping you preserve the memory of your family story in portraits!

Backyard family portrait by Isabelle Guillen, Portrait Photographer in Dallas Metroplex

Please watch this short 2-minute video for further explanations about the appointments that we typically do as part of your portrait experience at Isabelle Guillen Portraits, with the social distancing in mind.