Where To Do Your Late Summer Family Portrait in Dallas Fort Worth?

As we transition from summer to fall, it’s easy to get caught up in new school year and work routines. Perhaps you’ve been planning for a new family portrait, but you haven’t had the time to reserve a session over the summer.

Late Summer Family Portrait by Isabelle Guillen, Portrait Artist in Dallas Metroplex

Although the summer season is ending, there’s still time and opportunity to create an outdoor portrait that your family will treasure for years to come. Embrace the natural beauty and bright tones of late summer with an outdoor family portrait.

Choose your favorite outdoor location in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, and we will craft the scene to fit your family’s vision of the perfect portrait. Your final pieces will showcase the beauty of your family, studded against a natural background that captures the warm tones and bright highlights of late summer.

Location One: Scenic Portrait in the Park

Your neighborhood park most likely holds an endless supply of fond family memories from years past. It is a place you visit together to relax, unwind, and connect to nature. Build a new memory at your favorite park with a scenic portrait. We will meet at the park and capture beautiful images in your favorite place with those that matter most. Although late summer weather can be unpredictable, these unique weather patterns often lead to the most breathtaking results.

“Who could imagine we had two hours of gorgeous sunshine between rain showers to create a portrait of Jamie and her lovely children Addy and Brody in the park they love to go to relax, jog and have fun together!”

Late Summer Family Portrait by Isabelle Guillen, Portrait Artist in Dallas Metroplex

Location Two: At-Home Backyard Portrait

Home is truly where the heart is. What better emotional time capsule exists than the one in your family home. It’s the place where you’ve watched your children grow; the place you’ve spent years making your own. Imagine creating a beautiful family portrait in the place that most represents your family legacy. Whether it’s in a carefully curated garden, rolling plain of greenery, or against striking stonework, we can help you create a stunning piece of art in this very special space. Pose together in your garden or backyard and enjoy a priceless portrait that truly captures both the people and the place you hold most dear.

“It was so fun to design a portrait with Carole and Carlo that celebrates their long-lasting love and also showcases Carole’s talent as a master gardener.”

Late Summer Family Portrait by Isabelle Guillen, Portrait Artist in Dallas Metroplex

Location Three: Classic Studio Portrait

If you’d rather not entertain the thought of warm weather and unpredictable forecasts, bring your session indoors with a classic cachet or black and white portrait in our studio. Create a beautiful piece in our studio in Plano, complete with a variety of props and backdrops that will make your family shine. Studio portraits are unique family heirlooms that capture the duality of timelessness and the preservation of a specific milestone in the life of your family. They also allow for more flexible scheduling and a wider variety of outfit choices since your color palette won’t be competing with the natural elements around you.

“We had such a great time with Kevin and his one-year-old puppy Mateo. Mateo loved his time under the spotlight, and the chance to be treated like a star!”

Late Summer Family Portrait by Isabelle Guillen, Portrait Artist in Dallas Metroplex

Studio Tips from Your Portrait Artist: Creating a Late Summer Color Palette

Isabelle Guillen Portraiture serves families in Plano and throughout DFW, capturing beautiful portraits in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. When you schedule a portrait session with us during the late summer or early fall, you have an excellent chance to select color palettes that highlight the vibrant colors of summer. You can also choose colors that work in harmony with the greenery of your backdrop.

Keep your color scheme simple by choosing a few key tones from the same palette and keep these colors consistent for each family member. We recommend primarily solid-colored apparel, but a touch of pattern or texture works beautifully in moderation to highlight each subject’s personality.

No matter your palette, semi-casual styles are always elegant, timeless choices that are sure to keep your portrait looking fresh for years to come. Always make sure to dress head to toe, coordinating socks and shoes with your selected color palette. Add personal touches with jewelry and minimal accessories, but be sure to avoid neon colors, bold patterns, and logos.

We are here to help you preserve Forever the Memory of your Greatest Treasure, Seduced by a Late Summer Family portrait?

We Help You Preserve Forever the Memory of Your Greatest Treasure.

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