When is the Best Time to Have a Family Portrait Created?

In the chaos and uncertainty of everyday life, don’t you feel that it is easy for you to keep a running to-do list and put things off for “someday in the future”? I feel the same way…

While we always have great intentions to spend time with family and capture important milestones, it is often difficult to turn these ideas into actions.

Creating family portraits is one of the most-commonly delayed activities for many families. Do you have a long list of excuses why now is not the “right” time to capture these beautiful memories?

Portraits illustrate your unbreakable bond and the unique personalities of each family member. At the studio, we help you create these meaningful portraits. We believe the best time to create a family portrait is now!

Outdoor family portrait by Isabelle Guillen, Portrait Photographer in Dallas Metroplex

Common Excuses for Delaying a Portrait Session and Why They Should Not Stop You

  1. “I Want to Lose Weight First” In truth, your weight will not be the focus of these portraits. Your loved ones won't be thinking about your figure, they will be cherishing the beautiful memory you’ve created. Your children will only remember feeling loved and valued by you when they admire their family portraits.
  2. “We are Too Busy Right Now.” Being busy is the nature of life. You will almost never be completely free for new opportunities. Portrait sessions usually last one to two hours, which is about the same as going out to dinner or a movie. If something is important, you can always find a little spare time.
  3. “Now’s Not the Right Time.” If not now, when? The time you designate for family portraits is exactly the right time. You will always treasure the warm feeling and remember all the wonderful things that were happening when your portraits were taken. You will not remember the “extra” things going on at the time. 
  4. “I Want to Wait A Year.” Your children’s (and your own) schedules will only get busier with each passing year. Create a family portrait and you will enjoy it for years to come.
  5. “I Do not Want to Spend the Money.” Portraits are an investment in your family that will pay off for decades. Your family portraits will be admired for years and passed down as an heirloom for future generations. 

Why Now is the Best Time for a Family Portrait?

Many people ask us, "When is the best time to reserve a family portrait session?" The answer is now! We do not mean this exact day, but we do encourage you to stop putting it off until “someday.”

None of us know what tomorrow brings; an unexpected loss or illness, children moving out, family relocation, the list goes on. All of the reasons you want to delay your portrait session are the exact reasons you should do your family portrait now.

Your family is constantly changing. Capture today’s moments, memories, and important milestones. And remember that you and your loved ones will never be this young again.

Create Beautiful Memories with Your Family

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday, it is challenging to preserve your most precious family memories. When you celebrate a milestone in life, it is priceless to carry forward a memento or small reminders of these special moments.

Capture your family’s unbreakable bond, document a milestone, or create a beautiful new memory with a family portrait. Portraits are beautiful art pieces that are on display in your home as decor, get passed down as priceless heirlooms, and serve as thoughtful gifts for loved ones.

Do not delay this priceless family experience any further. We would love to help preserve the memory of your family story, no matter where you are in your journey today. Contact us by phone or email to start planning your family portrait session.