When Creating your Family Portraits, Isabelle Guillen Shares Her Passion For Giving Back to the Community

For her entire life, Isabelle has made an effort to give back and support those in need. Not only does she get the chance to help others, but her personal involvement in their lives also brings her great joy.

Behind the scene by Isabelle Guillen

When Isabelle moved to the DFW area from France twenty years ago, she was overwhelmed by how fiercely her new neighbors embraced and supported her. Now Isabelle gives back to her local community as a way to say “thank you” to the people who have done so much for her. Through Isabelle Guillen Fine Art Portraiture, Isabelle has the chance to give back ten times more than what she was able to give on her own. By supporting charities and nonprofits through her time and donations, Isabelle shares a valuable gift with those who care and share with others on a daily basis.

Not only does she donate portrait sessions for auctions and raffles, but Isabelle also gets the chance to create portraits for extremely deserving families. She truly values the opportunity to form relationships with these talented and generous people and aspires to mirror their servant’s hearts.

Isabelle uses her artistic talent to show these special individuals their beauty and uniqueness through a portrait, while also creating a custom-tailored experience that they will treasure for years to come. From time to time, Isabelle supports organizations by creating their headshots and group portraits. During these sessions, she enjoys meeting each group member and learning why they have chosen to dedicate their careers to service and care.

Isabelle explains that her encounters with these extraordinary people give her the chance to learn about their unique talents and passions for nurturing the local community.

“It is always wonderful to see the sparkles in their eyes and the passion in their faces as they explain what they are doing for the community and why they have chosen to follow such a path.”

Behind the scene by Isabelle Guillen

You might be wondering why someone would dedicate their own time and funds to a cause that benefits strangers. Rather than focusing on what we already have or what we could gain, it’s important to recognize just how much our lives are shaped by the experiences we have and the people we meet along the way.

When you share your time, money, belongings or even your compassion with other people, you are building lifelong bonds and creating fond memories in the lives of others. If you haven’t had the chance to volunteer or donate to a worthy cause, you may be unfamiliar with the personal feelings of joy, compassion and servitude that many of us experience when we share something with a person in need. Simply witnessing the joy on someone else’s face is a greater reward than any monetary gain or lofty recognition.

As you begin to share your life and love with others, you may find your entire outlook will begin to change. Isabelle believes that our true character is a summation of the five people closest to us. Take the time to share with others and experience the unique joys of giving back to the deserving individuals in your life.