Preserving memories

Fineportraiture at Plano by Isabelle Guillen.

Do you ever wonder how you can preserve the memories that are precious to you? How can you always remember her smile, his attitude, and their unique bond just the way it is now? How we can preserve memories of the way that we are now as a family, the connections we have? Every little thing about our family members means so much to us. How can these details be preserved?

Why not pass these memories from generation through timeless portraits? While your home decor may change over time, portraits that capture the character of your loved ones will always have a place.

Your portraits are designed to capture these beautiful and important moments in time that will be a legacy for your future generations. You have the choice between three styles to preserve your memories for years to come: ‘Noir et Blanc’ (Black and white), ‘Classic Cachet’ (appeal) and ‘Environmental’.

Your portraits are skillfully crafted and meticulously hand finished for uncompromising quality. Then they are carefully coated with a hand applied glaze finish for life-long protection and for bringing out the depth and beauty of the image.

For a further step into the classic portrait of the old masters, your images may be transformed into stunning painted artwork, using the painter’s palette. The result is a mix-media piece of art with the realism of a photograph but the style and feel of a free-hand painting.

Meticulously embellished with contour brush strokes and oil enhancements, the result will delight your eyes.