Are There Precious Family Milestones That You Wish You Could Preserve Forever?

At Isabelle Guillen Portraits, we understand the key milestones in individual and family life that need to be remembered. Creating portraits and displaying them in your home is the best way to preserve and relive these key moments for years to come.

Many treasured milestones contribute to your family story. You create the most valuable memories in the short time you have with your children before they head off into the world.

Each family milestone is an opportunity to preserve your memories with a custom portrait. Consider how you will memorialize these special times in life by highlighting them with a timeless art piece you can enjoy for years to come.

Outdoor family portrait by Isabelle Guillen, Portrait Photographer in Dallas Metroplex

Capture Your Child’s Personality at Every Step

Many families love creating formal portraits when their children are toddlers to capture the innocence and details of their unique nature during their first years in the world. 2-3 years old.

While they keep changing…Why not consider a portrait around their fifth birthday to preserve all childhood features including their priceless smile before they lose their baby teeth? 5 years old.

When your children are around ten years old, they are heading into adolescence and their teenage years. Consider a portrait close to their 10th birthday to capture this personal milestone in their life... one morning you will wake up and find that they are no longer little. 10 years old.

The teen years are perhaps the most re-framing in a child's life. Their bodies and spirits are changing. This is the perfect time to create individual portraits of your teens as they continue on the journey to adulthood. 14 years old.

High school graduation is such an important transition towards adulthood that it is rarely missed…The baby is definitely gone, often preparing to move out of the family home and ready to start an independent venture. 17 years old.

No matter their ages, you may also consider a portrait of all the children together to show their unbreakable bond as siblings. This portrait of the children also makes an incredible gift for your extended family and the grandparents.

“Contemplating childhood is like contemplating a beautiful region as one rides backwards; one really becomes aware of the beauty at that moment, that very instant, when it begins to vanish.” – Soren Kierkegaard

Do you struggle with time flying by?

Let us help you and work together to capture these all-precious steps in your children’s lives before they vanish… In our fast-paced world, our clients enjoy their wall portraits which remind them every day the smile, expression, uniqueness of their loved ones!!

Preserve Your Precious Family Connection for Years to Come

When is the best time for a first family portrait?

It is never too soon but definitely before the children leave their “little childhood”. Whether you choose a portrait in the studio or outdoors, we’ll create a piece that represents who you are as a family…this portrait should be displayed for everyone to see and enjoy, maybe over the mantle or in the main living area.

If you have teenagers in the house, prioritize a portrait of the whole family together before the children move away. When your oldest child is a senior in high school and preparing to leave the nest is the perfect time. A family portrait before this transition will provide a constant reminder of your family togetherness and remind your child that they will always be welcome back home. We consider this one to be an important one!!

Create New Memories Together

If your children have grown up or moved away, you are probably now their loyal friend. They may call or visit on occasion, but your family story is always close to you.

Every day, smiles are brought on your face each time as you pass by the portraits on your home's walls–reminding you the cherished memories of their childhood.

Life is paved with many events to treasure because of the people we live them with.

Create beautiful new memories with your children as they transition through “adulthood” with you by their side. Some upcoming occasions may include:

  • A formal engagement or bridal portrait.
  • Updated extended family portraits as your legacy grows.
  • A portrait with just your spouse. When was the last time it was only the two of you?

And very soon, you will long for the first family portrait with your Grandchildren as you help your children create portraits for their own family milestones.