Calling all Wizarding Fans! Were you one of those parents that stood in line at the bookstore or the movie theater at midnight to be one of the first to enjoy the newest installment?  How thrilled were you when your kids were finally old enough to enjoy Sorcerer's Stone?

We are celebrating all things Harry Potter with a fabulous opportunity to be photographed at Wizarding School just like Harry! We are giving away  9 Free Wizard Wands to the first 9 people that sign up for the Wizarding School Portrait Experience!


Sign up for the Wizarding School Portrait Experience with your $49 donation per child to CASA for Children and be prepared to love your portraits!


Dates Available:

Friday, July 28,
Saturday, July 29,
Monday, July 31,

Only 9 wizarding students will be accepted to Wizarding School!  Will your child be one of them?

Wizarding School Portrait Session

School Starts July 28,29,31, Plano, Texas



Does your child secretly wish that they will receive a letter from Hogwarts when they turn 11? Have they seen every Harry Potter movie and beg you to brave the crowds at Universal Studios?

Become your child's hero by reserving a Wizarding School Portrait Experience. If they love all things wizards and magic, they will love entering our Potions Lab and transforming into a little wizard and you'll love the finished portraits!

What comes with your Wizarding School Portrait Experience?

  • ✔️ Welcome Packet: Your child's Wizarding experience begins with the arrival of their Welcome Packet via "Owl Post". This packet contains their welcome letter to wizarding school and a ticket to ride the train to school.
  • ✔️ FREE Wand: Your child will go home with a free wand to protect their muggle household.
  • ✔️ Costumes: We have robes/ties representing all houses in a variety of sizes.
  • ✔️ 30 Minute Session: A unique interactive portrait experience where your child will be able to make a potion, try out their Wingardium Leviosa skills, activate a map, and put to use a variety of other wizarding skills.
  • ✔️ Cinematic Sales Appointment: We will design how you want your child to remember their childhood adventure from beautiful wall art finished on metal or custom-designed storybooks, you'll be delighted with your finished portrait art and your child will be able to see how brave, inquisitive or confident they are, every time they see their finished portraits.

Mischief Managed!

There's no shortage of hair-raising moments that would raise an eyebrow of a certain potions master in this adventure with Wizarding School!


Watch this Behind-the-Scenes Video of Wizarding School!

I'm interested in a Portrait Session! Now what?

  • ✔️ Click a button! Fill out the form that opens when you click a button and pay for your session on the next screen (it's a $49 donation to CASA for Children per child).  We will receive your information and call you to schedule your photography time and answer your questions.
  • ✔️ Pay for your portrait session on the next page. If you are ready to be part of the 9 Wizarding School portrait sessions that we will be photographing, be sure to pay for your session on the next page.  The session fee is a $49 donation per child to the CASA for Children organization.
  • ✔️ What happens after I book a session? We will be reaching out to you via phone to schedule your time in the portrait studio ❤️.
  • ✔️ Check the mail!  Watch for your child's acceptance letter to arrive in the mail by "Owl Post" ? It has information about traveling to the studio and how to avoid detection by the muggles.
  • ✔️ Can I include my other children?  Because of the fabulous scene we've created and breakable glass props, we prefer to limit the participants to no more than 2 children at a time.
  • ✔️ I have a 4-year-old, can I bring them in? With the large number of glass props, dry ice and science experiments that we do, we request that you wait until your child is at least 5 years old and listens well. They are in class after all.
  • ✔️ When do we get to see and order our magical portraits? We will schedule a cinematic ordering appointment where we will design how you want your child to remember their childhood adventure. From beautiful wall art finished on metal or custom-designed storybooks, you'll be delighted with your finished portrait art and your child will be able to see how brave, inquisitive or confident they are, every time they see their finished portraits
  • ✔️ Please note!  Only one household per portrait session!

Imagine how strong and confident your child will feel when they see THIS on their wall every day!


Reserve Your Portrait Session

Click the yellow button. This will take you to the checkout page where you can pay your donation to CASA for Children.  (We will choose your specific time and date later over the phone.

This will guarantee you are the coolest parent ever! ?


We'll Call You

Once your donation has been successful, we'll call you within 24 business hours to set up a time for your photography session and sales appointment.

On the call we'll answer any additional questions you may have and find out which wizarding house your child is in so we have their House robe ready to go for them! 


Enjoy the Experience

Once your appointments are confirmed, get ready to enjoy this once in a lifetime portrait experience with your child. Their Acceptance to Wizarding School letter will arrive via "owl post" in a week to start them off on their journey!

Relax and know that your child will absolutely love transforming into a wizard during their portrait session. They will enjoy their finished portrait art for years to come! 

See What Others Have Said About Their Wizarding School Portrait Experience...

Thank you so much for the beautiful album and photographs! 

We had such a fun time taking the Wizarding School photos at your studio. My kids loved all the interactive activities you planned, especially the feathers and the potions class. My son doesn't like to take formal pictures but instead of a regular photo shoot, you created a magical experience that our family will always remember!

The whole experience from walking in the doors to picking up the photographs we ordered was professional but also super fun and personable. She has this amazing ability to capture expressions and feelings and not just pictures. We took part in the Wizarding School portrait experience and we all loved it, not just our 8 year old daughter. It was just like we were in a Hogwarts classroom.



"Hi! I'm Isabelle owner of Isabelle Guillen Portraits. I remember being thrilled for the day when my nieces were FINALLY old enough to enjoy The Sorcerers Stone, because I could not wait to share my love of this magical wizarding world with them!

I am so excited that you are about to embark with us to celebrate this love of magic with our Wizarding Portrait Experience!"

Introducing the "Belles Histoires" by Isabelle Guillen Portraits. Recognizing the need for beautifully created photographic stories that capture the magic and innocence of childhood, the "Belles Histoires" fill the gap with a series of themed portrait sessions for children who believe in magic and for parents who want to capture the innocence of childhood. 

With the busy schedules that families have nowadays, we know how difficult it can be with making portraits a priority. Before you know it, your best intentions were put on the back burner and another year has flown by.

That's why me made it as easy as 1-2-3 and  full of fun!  Your children have a magical adventure and you have amazing finished portraits of your children transformed into their favorite character.

The results will bring a smile to your face and put joy in your heart every time you see your portraits displayed for everyone to enjoy.


Join us for a magical adventure this 2023 Summer

ONLY 9 students accepted!